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Take a trip to the South Seas at Whittier business - Whittier Daily News

Take a trip to the South Seas at Whittier business - Whittier Daily News

Whittier's Oceanic Arts, which has been in business for 53 years selling tiki and Polynesian artifacts to restaurants, hotels and movie studios. (SGVN/Staff Photo by Keith Birmingham)

Sunday, November 29, 2009

TIKI INTERIOR DESIGN ELEMENTS: Tiki Shields! Polynesian War Item.

TIKI BAR DESIGN or TIKI INTERIOR DESIGN ELEMENTS: Tiki Shields! A exotic Polynesian War item.

If you plan on building or installing a tiki bar or tiki lounge, Tiki shields or Polynesian war shields are a unique item for your tiki bar.

Great for tiki interior design, as art, and a conservation starter.
Oceanic art makes a great theme to collect.

A ancient Hawaiian weapon used for war and ceremony.
They where used as fighting shields in the South Pacific.
Since metal was a late arriving technology, these Polynesian shields where very effective defensive weapon against the weapons at the time.

Tiki shields can add something different than the standard tiki mask or tiki totem.

Vintage Witco Tiki bar showing the use of a tiki mask / shield.
Vintage Witco Tiki bar showing the use of a tiki mask / shield.
These tiki shields are above the exit to Walt Disney's Enchanted Tiki Room. Photo by Sam Howzit.
These tiki shields are above the exit to Walt Disney's Enchanted Tiki Room. Photo by Sam Howzit.

The Vintage Tiki Tabu Shield.

A great book on the subject is called:

"Shields of Melanesia" by Barry Craig.

SUPPLIERS for Tiki Shields:



Build a tiki bar or tiki lounge presents Polynesian war Shields. Learn about Polynesian weapons.

Friday, November 27, 2009

Build a Tiki Bar: A look at Tying Grass Thatch for a Tiki Bar or Tropical Hut.

Build a Tiki Bar: How to make a thatch roof for your tiki hut or bar.

This figure shows how to make your own grass thatching for your tiki bar, tropical hut or tiki lounge.

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Learn to thatch a roof in the tropical style. 

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

“Island People” New Tiki Film about Home Tiki Bars. Video Preview.

There is a new film, Island Peoplethat is yet to be released
about home tiki bars.

The director of this tiki bar film is Jeff Yarlett of
the Florida tiki scene.

Free Screening Info:
“Island People” premier & tiki party at Trader Vic’s 7 pm on November 14th

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Building a Tiki Bar: Bamboo Thatch Wall Boards, A must for a tropical interior design.

Bamboo Thatch Wall Boards, A must for a tropical
interior tiki design.

Bamboo thatch wall boards really give a tiki bar a
authentic look and feel. If you are building a tiki
bar or tropical getaway, then you should really
look into getting bamboo thatch wall panels.

The panels are very easy to install. To install
bamboo thatch panels you just roll them out, then
attach to the wall with a heavy duty stapler.
It's really that easy.

They usually come in 4x8 panels or rolls.
You can cut the bamboo panels down to fit.

You can keep the seams of the panels exposed
or you can use bamboo pole halves to cover the
seams if you like.

There are many different types, colors and sizes
available for purchase.

Bamboo Thatch Suppliers:

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Saturday, July 18, 2009

Tiki Hut Tips and Ideas for building a tiki bar.

TIKI ARTICLE: Tips on building a tiki bar or hut.

So you are finally ready to join the ranks of people such as Frank Sinatra who have or have had a tiki hut in their backyard. Before you get started though, you must bear in mind that this style of construction is truly an art form. The good news is there is tons of research material that you can now access on the Internet to help you with your build tiki hut project.

Bamboo Wall Covering,tiki Thatch,build a Tiki Bar,build Tiki Hut,tiki Bar Stools,bamboo Fences

Here are Some Great Build Tiki Hut Tips

Author: Jenny Gremoland

So you are finally ready to join the ranks of people such as Frank Sinatra who have or have had a tiki hut in their backyard. Before you get started though, you must bear in mind that this style of construction is truly an art form. The good news is there is tons of research material that you can now access on the Internet to help you with your build tiki hut project.

Acquiring Building Matrials One great idea is to start out by looking at other tiki huts, either around the area that you live in or online. Also, bear in mind if you plan on building your tiki hut yourself that many of the materials that you need can't be purchased at your local hardware or lumber store and may need to be special ordered.

Local Building Codes -Something to Consider Another thing that you will want to bear in mind is that your tiki hut must be able to pass county code inspections. This means that if you have a picture in your head of a really cool tiki hut made from drift wood and bamboo, you may have to build it without permits or inspections. Adhering to Building Engineering Standards This is because county engineering standards are based off of common materials such as lumbar that you can buy at your local hardware store. When you go to get your building permit and show them plans for a building made from bamboo and driftwood logs they will simply laugh at you.

A Few Final Thoughts However; there are methods for making common materials such s steel piping look like bamboo posts. Also, you can wrap 2x4 and 2x6 posts in rope for a great pacific islands look. Also, take into account that installing a leak proof thatch roof does require some knowledge, so you will definitely want to look into this aspect of building your tiki hut as well.

Article Source: About the Author: Written by Jenny Gremoland. Find the best articles on the net about tropical hut including grass hut

Tiki Lighting: Colored tiki torch flames.

TIKI TORCH: FESTIVE FLAMES with the Color Fire Fly torch kit 

Add a bit of exotic color to your tiki party or luau
with colored flame tiki torches.

We got to try these cool torches out last night,
and everyone thought they where the bomb.
Very cool addition to your tiki bar.

The blue and green ones really got people talking.

Can be used with any regular bamboo tiki torch.

The kit includes:
• pre-filled plastic canister
• wick
• citronella oil 
• metal flame guard. 
Create colored flames by inserting the wick into the flame guard and attaching it to the canister. 



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Friday, July 17, 2009

LED TIKI TORCHES They flicker and are green technology.

Tiki Bar Ideas:  LED Tiki Torches.
Green technology for the tiki bar landscape.

Tiki bar landscaping article.


We had a chance to test these out at the tiki bar this weekend.
I was impressed overall.  They are not as bright as a real tiki torch,
and do not keep the bugs away. But they are nice looking, do provide
great mode lighting, and you do not have to worry about buying
tiki torch fuel, or concern yourself with a fire hazard.

  • Charging Time: 4-5 hours
  • Hours of Operation: 12 hours
  • Real woven bamboo design
  • Flickering LED creates simulated flame effect
  • Automatic on/off at dusk and dawn
  • Fast charging Ni-Cad rechargeable batteries


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Thursday, July 2, 2009

Build a Cool Tiki Fireplace. How to make a tiki fireplace for your tiki bar or lounge.

This article shows how this guy created this amazing tiki fireplace.
To learn how he did this just follow this LINK {click}

A great idea to decorate your tiki bar.

It's not made out of stone, the tiki fireplace is made out of Foam!
Follow the photos in the above link, to learn how to make a
tiki totem fireplace for your tiki bar or tiki lounge.

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Friday, June 26, 2009

Tiki Bar: Creative Inspirational Image

Creative Tiki Bars.
Inspirational Image.
Tiki bar made from legos! How cool.

NOTE: Blog cuts tiki bar image in half!
Click image and you should get the whole thing.



Artist:  Bill Vollbrecht

Tiki Torches are great for Pool Landscaping VIDEO. Tiki landscaping.

Nice tiki video talking about using tiki torches as lighting
for your pool area.

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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Tiki Bar Landscaping Article: Edible Landscaping With Tropical Fruit Trees.

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Edible Landscaping With Tropical Fruit Trees

Author: V.K. Melhado
Tropical fruit trees make wonderful additions to any South Florida landscape. Combine plants with lush green foliage, brightly colored flowers of all shapes and sizes to create an low maintenance, attractive outdoor design. Get creative and intersperse your fruit trees with other native tropicals and add a water feature or secluded seating area. The choices are endless, but the best part comes with the harvesting of this edible landscape.

Here is a list of some of the tropical fruit trees you're most likely to have success with in the South Florida climate. In an effort to inspire you, we've, also included some of the more exotic varieties you may never have heard of.

Avocado: Introduced to the area in 1833, the South Florida climate is ideal for growing this nutritious fruit. There are over 56 different varieties with summer, fall and winter growing seasons. The thick skin is green, and can be smooth or rough textured, and teardrop, round or football shape, depending on the species. Avocados have more fat than most fruits, but they are an excellent source of potassium and Vitamin A, and are used in salads, guacamole, and taste great scooped right out of the shell.
my avocado's (3)sun rise reflecting on the avocado tree

Trees are 40-60 feet in height and produce large quantities of fruit that do not ripen until they are picked or fall to the ground.

Growing Conditions: Sunny location with well-drained soil. Season: January-June.

Caimito - Star Apple: This is an ornamental evergreen tree with sweet purple or green fruit and shiny green leaves with a brown underside. The fruit is sweet and gelatinous.The trees range from 25 to 100 ft in height.
Growing Conditions: Well-drained soil with no chance of flooding.. Season: Late May-March.

Carambola - Star Fruit: Plant produces a large fleshy berry, 2-6 inches in length, with a waxy, yellow skin. A cross-section slices produces a perfect star shape – hence the name. The trees are considered small to medium in height (35 feet max), with dark green leaves and flowers.
Carambolas (Averrhoa carambola)
Star fruit is great served in salads or as an iced juice drink, canned, dried or preserved. Not advised for people with kidney disease due to high concentration of oxalic acid.

Growing Conditions: Sunny location with protection from the wind. Season: July-September, November-February.

Mango: Native to Asia and India, mango trees have been growing in Florida for at least 100 years. These medium to large trees (up to 100 feet) have a number of varieties and produce a hearty crop of tasty fruit. When first picked, mangoes are light green, but are best eaten when the fruit softens slightly and and skin takes on a yellow, red, or orange color. The fruit is a good source of vitamins A and C and tastes great in salads, breads, or pureed.
Unripe Mango Fruits Dangling from a Tree
Growing Conditions: These trees are tough and easy to grow. Season: May-October.

Passion Fruit: This vine produces purple, yellow or reddish colored fruit surrounded by an sweet, orange pulp. The juice makes a wonderful punch.
this is the  Brazilian passion  fruit
Stinking Passion Fruit While on Trek to Sumaging Cave
Growing Conditions: Passion Fruit vines should be planted in an area where they can be supported by a fence or trellis in a sunny spot with well-drained soil. Season: June-December.

Tamarind: This is a large tree (up to 80 feet), with rough bark, twisting branches and evergreen foliage. Flowers are a pale yellow with red veins that appear in early summer. The fruit is hidden in brown pods and contain large seeds in a sticky, brown edible pulp. The "molasses like" pulp can be used to flavor sauces and steak sauce. Season: April-June.
About the Author: Visit for all the tools and information you need to navigate the Naples real estate and greater Southwest Florida real estate market. You'll find local realty info, including details about Park Shore real estate.
Article Source: - Edible Landscaping With Tropical Fruit TreesArticle

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Sunday, June 7, 2009

Tiki bar Ideas. Tropical Style Deck Design Ideas.

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Tropical Style Deck Design
Author: Ted Roberson
If you love the outdoor lifestyle, then tropical style deck design can provide you with an additional living space during the months of pleasant weather. Whether your deck is raised or ground level, whether it has an ocean view or not, you can enjoy a tropical lifestyle on your tropical style deck.

When planning your outdoor deck, you want to ensure that the overall design enhances and blends into your residence and property pleasingly. Deck construction should include sturdy materials for long years of wear and tear and a weather proof finish should ensure longevity of the deck materials.

Once you have your deck in place, you can add the look and feel of the tropics. Add a bamboo or faux bamboo wet bar in one corner as a station for mixing drinks. If possible, choose a thatch roof design or add a palm frond roof to the wet bar to give it a touch of the small tropical beach shanties commonly seen in the islands and tropics. A couple of comfortable bar stools will provide seating in this area.

For the central seating area of the tropical deck, unless your deck is covered, you should choose an umbrella table so that you can enjoy the sun without being burned by the ultraviolet rays. These tables can be obtained as a set with comfortable cushioned chairs in tropical designs with all weather upholstered cushions. Add citronella candles to the table to discourage mosquitoes and other insects.

To obtain that lush tropical look, you will want to include several specimen size potted palms. Fishtail palms work really well for this application. Place the pots on plant dollies with casters so they can be rolled indoors during freezing weather.

Potted bird of paradise makes another great tropical deck addition. These plants are easy to grow in full sun to partial shade in any southern climate but should not be exposed to chilly weather. Protect the plants during the winter months and enjoy their exotic blooms again the next year.

Orchids are another plant that is perfect for an outdoor deck in humid climates. While orchids require a bit of special care unless you live in a semi tropical zone, they are worth the trouble to obtain the gorgeous blossoms which last and last. They can be mounted using pot hangers which attach to the wood posts of your deck or hung in a hanging orchid pot using an attractive macrame hanger.

Mandala vines grown in pots and allowed to entwine around posts or crawl up a wall add additional tropical lushness and color. These vines will not overwinter but will regrown the next year if the root stock is maintained in moderate temperatures during the winter.

You and your friends and family will love holding tropical theme parties on your outdoor tropical paradise. You will feel as if you added another room to the home at a very reasonable cost.
About the Author:

Ted Roberson owner of landscape living is a landscape and garden enthusiast who has years of experience working and creating outdoor living areas. Discover how you can improve and maintain your landscape and garden area with simple projects.

Article Source: - Tropical Style Deck Design
Article Tags: Home Improvement, Landscaping, Home Decorating, Tropical, Deck Design, Deck Construction, Tiki style, Tiki bar, Tropical plants.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Tiki Bar Stools A Closer look. Build a Tiki Bar.

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Get to Know Tiki Bar Stools

Author: Jenny Gremoland
OK. So you are ready to dive into the tiki motif for your home or backyard. Beware that once you get started you may not be able to stop, because there are simply so many quaint options to chose from. Also, while there are some basic cornerstones that you can work from the sky is the limit of you want think out of the box.

Get Creative

An old junked skiff or rowboat? Heck! Drag the thing into your backyard and plant flowers in it. A palm tree log from a felled palm tree? Drag that in too and plunk it down for your guests to use as a bench.

Palm Stump Tiki Bar Stools

Another idea is to cut off sections of the palm log and stand them on end for tiki bar stools. You can leave them rough, just as they are, or have the tops upholstered. For bar decorations the sky is the limit. An old ships steering wheel, an old oar from a small boat, sea shells, fishing tackle and the list just goes on and on.

Your Not Alone in the Tiki Craze

If you aren't interested in running around scrounging and beach combing for your tiki bar decorations and tiki bar stools, you can always buy them ready to go from any one of a number of online sources. Oh! So you thought that you were the only one catching the tiki bug?

So Many New Choices in Tiki Bar Decorating Options

Well guess what? It's sweeping the country, so you are not alone. This is only good news for you and others like you that are looking to bring to look and feel of the tropics right into their own homes and yards, because the growing demand for tiki bar stools and bar accessories has led to ever widening choices and selections in the market place.

Written by Jenny Gremoland. Get everything you wanted to know about tiki bar stools plus bamboo fences
About the Author:  Written by Jenny Gremoland. Find the best articles on the net about tropical hut including grass hut Article - Get to Know Tiki Bar Stools
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Monday, May 18, 2009

A subterranean Tiki haven in Echo Park. Awesome Basement Tiki Bar

Great article on a tiki bar shrine.

Lawrence K. Ho, Los Angeles Times
The Tiki Bar in the basement of the home of Alan Smart and Michael Uhlenkott in Echo Park. 

A subterranean Tiki 
haven in Echo Park.
From the LA Times.

Years of memorabilia collecting led Alan Smart and Michael Uhlenkott to turn their basement into an island shrine.
October 18, 2008

THERE'S AN underlying sense of levity and playfulness in the Echo Park house that Alan Smart and Michael Uhlenkott designed. Then there's the basement.

Head downstairs, turn right at the bottom of the steps and you enter Smart and Uhlenkott's re-creation of a 1950s tiki bar -- the HaleKahiki (or "Tahitian Room"), as they have dubbed it, which rivals the best Polynesian room you've seen.

"Michael and I have been going to swap meets, collecting Hawaiiana and surfing things for years," Smart says. "I figured, if you don't have a room for it, there's only so much you can collect."

Completed in 2006 after four months of construction, practically every surface of the HaleKahiki is covered with memorabilia. "We wanted old stuff, so we did our research to see how tiki bars were built in the old days," Smart says of the 1950s and '60s, when Polynesiana was popular in Southern California.

Beach signs and other artifacts are layered over block-printed and tapa-papered walls.Lauhala-style woven matting is overhead, between the ceiling joists. A faux roof made of bamboo and palm leaves is suspended above the bar; a raised platform at one end of the room accommodates vintage rattan seating in front of an exotic black-lighted volcano lagoon mural that Uhlenkott painted.

Artist John Bok created the bar's rattan panels and hammered rusty-tin-can edging (sealed in a clear resin). The bar top features tiles designed by Uhlenkott, inspired by traditional Marquesan patterns. Tiki Tony, a Camarillo artist, carved several palm-wood posts and skull poles.

Hawaiian music drifts through the space; the dim lighting and candles set the mood. Smart plays bartender, serving up vintage martini glasses full of fruity cocktails ("known to cause bigger hangovers than less sugary drinks," he warns).

This tiki shrine is a favorite party destination.

"It is used fairly often," Smart says. "I have friends who threaten to come over every week."


Debra Prinzing

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Tiki Style. Enjoy The Tropical Style Of Bamboo Patio Furniture

Patio furniture is a very popular item in both the United States and abroad, and many people look for unique and quality pieces that suit their own unique tastes and needs.

Enjoy The Tropical Style Of Bamboo Patio Furniture by Scott Fromherz

Patio furniture is a very popular item in both the United States and abroad, and many people look for unique and quality pieces that suit their own unique tastes and needs. Some want a set of furniture purely for their own enjoyment, preferring quiet nights at home curled up with a good book, yet some want furniture that is good for entertaining any number of guests for a backyard party. Everyone has their own particular taste, but for those who enjoy the tropical island fashion, bamboo patio furniture may be just the thing they are looking for.

Various Shapes, Styles and Colors of Bamboo Patio Furniture

There are many different types and styles of bamboo patio furniture on the market from which one can choose. One popular item that comes in a bamboo style is a bar stool. Bamboo bar stools are quite popular items, especially when coupled with an authentic tiki bar. These unique pieces are perfect for a pool side party or an outdoors event in which fruity drinks and snacks are to be served. The bamboo wood can come in a variety of colors, both light and dark stains, as well as other colors. Most people prefer to keep the bamboo its original light color so as to have the true feel of the islands wherever they are.

Bamboo patio furniture is moderately priced but can be expensive, depending on the quality of wood that the manufacturer uses and the overall make of the furniture. A bamboo barstool may cost approximately $150.00, while a tiki bar may cost $1,500.00. Bamboo furniture offers a lively and different setting when one doesn't live in a warm climate. Many people like to have their own oasis where they can go and relax and "make believe" they are in the islands. Bamboo furniture is perfectly suited for such a desire and adds fun and excitement to any surrounding.

Many resorts, hotels, and spas use bamboo patio furniture for all their needs, from restaurant settings to poolside bars. They make a wonderful addition to these atmospheres, as well as on a cruise ship. Bamboo is a durable and lasting wood that can withstand the test of time for those who purchase it. No matter what lifestyle you lead, adding bamboo patio furniture can give you a relaxing taste of the tropics wherever you are!

For more information on bamboo patio furniture visit or
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Saturday, May 16, 2009

Decorating Tips for Your Tiki Hut Bar

Author: Jenny Gremoland
So you have plans on building a tiki hut bar out in your yard, by your pool or in the corner of your den. Thats good news because now more then ever in past years, the materials to do so are far easier to acquire. Remember that in the end it still has to function as a working bar.

Sure Bamboo Looks Great

To begin with, don't assume that you have to build everything out of bamboo. Sure bamboo looks great but it can be a very difficult building material to work with. Its hard to cut, prone to cracking and will fade to gray when exposed to sun or outside moist air.

Rope Wrapping on Posts

One great design idea that you can see in the beach front “palapas” in Mexico is to solidly wrap any posting, usually metal piping, with natural fiber rope. It looks fantastic and no one will ever suspect what is underneath.

That Rustic Look

As far as counter tops go in a tiki hut bar, it is important that they have a rustic look and feel. The problem with older distressed and weathered wood though is that it too is difficult to work with. It's prone to cracking and it is also hard to find a good supply that will match up properly.

The Art of Antiquing

Call around in your community and see if you can find anyone in a cabinet or antique repair shop that can give you some hints on “antiquing” or “distressing” wood. It's a bit of an art form but it will allow you to buy new wood for your bar top that still has the rustic look.

Look Online for Your Tiki Bar Decorations

Locating bar stools for your tiki hut bar can be a problem in your local community. Your best bet is to look online, because that is where you are going to find the best selection. You can also find some great tiki style decorations online too, such as chunks of old fishing net and cheeky maritime nick-knacks
About the Author:
Written by Jenny Gremoland. Now you can learn all about build tiki hut as well as build a tiki bar
Article Source: - Decorating Tips for Your Tiki Hut Bar

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Tiki bar articles: Designing a Home Bar With Style

Designing a Home Bar With Style
Author: Jerry Swanson
Is your home the place where your friends and family tend to gather for sporting events, card games or just a great place to hang out on a Friday night? Why not consider building a home bar to add a little flare to your entertaining? Building a home bar is a great addition to any home, but deciding on building a bar is just the first step. Many decisions have to be made throughout the building process to determine what the bar will look like, where is will be located and just how much money you want to spend on such an endeavor.

In many homes the bar is located in the basement in a large rec room. If you have the space to do this, it makes sense to locate the bar there, but it is entirely up to you where you locate it. If you are not handy with tools, it's likely best to hire a contractor to build a proper home bar that you will be proud of, however if you do have some technical skill, building a bar doesn't have to be difficult. It is possible to even purchase a home bar kit that can make it much easier to build. Most people however prefer a more custom bar that fits in with their current decor

Many types of home bars exist to suit any decor including Tiki Bars, Tuscany Bars or a Renaissance Bar. For those in warmer climates, a home bar could even be installed outdoors, around a pool or on a deck. Tiki bars are often popular choices for poolside bars. For people that live in parts of the country that have cold winters, an indoor home bar may be more appropriate. Depending on the current decor of your home, some bars work better than others, but if you are looking to build a themed room or build out an unfinished basement, any style will work.

Once you decide on style, now comes the important decisions of what your home bar will include. A simple bar does not need to include electricity or water, but both these utilities will greatly improve what you can do with the bar. With electricity and water your home bar can include a sink, a beer fridge, an ice maker and even a kegerator. With all these elements you can have a fully stocked bar without having to make trips to the kitchen for ice, water or cold beer. For those that want to provide their guests with an authentic bar experience, installing an LCD TV on the wall can add to the ambiance and a pool table would also be nice if space allows.

Once your home bar is finished, all your friends will want to spend their spare time lounging around your bar, having great conversation. Of course during those big games like the Super Bowl or NHL Playoffs, your home bar is sure to make it a fun time with cold beer and good friends.

About the Author:
For more design tips and detailed tiki bar plans, check out The Tiki Bar Shop. There you will find everything you need to design and build your own tiki bar at home. Whether you are looking for great tiki bar decor or an entire tiki bar for sale, you will find everything you need to build a top shelf tiki bar experience.
Article Source: - Designing a Home Bar With Style

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Tiki Hut Roofing - Get Informed

Lo and behold the tiki hut and tiki decor in general is coming back in style and it seems that just about everyone now wants to have a quaint tiki hut sitting in their backyard. Even if you don't have a swimming pool, a tiki hut or bar area will draw your family and guests like ants to spilled Pepsi.

Tiki Hut Roofing - Get Informed

By Jenny Gremoland

Lo and behold the tiki hut and tiki decor in general is coming back in style and it seems that just about everyone now wants to have a quaint tiki hut sitting in their backyard. Even if you don't have a swimming pool, a tiki hut or bar area will draw your family and guests like ants to spilled Pepsi.
The Grass Roof Look
Of course you have several design options to choose from, as far as the basic structure is concerned but when it comes to the roof of your tiki hut, you are rather limited with regards to its basic look.
Grass or Palm Fronds
It's grass or palm leaves stitched or stapled down in a few different ways but in the end it will have that basic natural look that comes from the tropics where this type of roof is still in common use.
Tiki Hut Grass Shingles
Rule number one, is that the roof must be rather steep. That is unless you are using new tiki style grass shingles. These are in fact a standard manufactured shingle that has a shaggy hairdo made out of synthetic grass.
A Much Better Product
They are applied in the same fashion as standard asphalt shingles and shed water much better than standard grass or palm fronds. They also last much longer too and are also far less of a fire hazard.
Stapled Down on a Plywood Sheeted Roof
Another benefit if this type of shingle is that it is applied on top of a standard sheeted plywood roof. This might not mean much to you at first but wait until you see how difficult it is to construct a lattice work roof structure out of sticks, such as you will find in the tropics.
Tiki Hut Accessories
However; if you are determined to go with natural thatch or palm fronds, they too are available over the Internet and you can also purchase this type of roofing material that has been treated with fire retardant. Either way you go though, one thing is for certain and that is that you will also need plenty of tiki hut accessories to complete the total look of your tiki hut.

Written by Jenny Gremoland. Here at my website you'll find the best info regarding tiki bar stools as well as bamboo fences Article Source:

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Saturday, May 9, 2009

Readers Tiki Bar Photos

Tiki Bar 1C

How to Put a Home Tiki Bar Together

How to Put a Home Tiki Bar Together
By Rick Harding
If you have ever been to an island for a little rest and relaxation, you may have one time or another seen and visited a tiki bar. You might want to capture that same feeling at your own home and this is possible thanks to a home tiki bar. They are surprisingly easy to find and there is a wealth of valuable resources, most which you will find online, whether you are interested in building one from scratch, or purchasing a kit.
The first thing you must figure out is where your tiki bar is going to go. You will need to know how much space will be required. If you have a large backyard then space will not be an issue. If the confines of your backyard space are a bit limited then you will need to pay close attention if you are going to purchase a kit to make sure you get the right size. Most kits come in a wide variety of sizes from the extremely large to the very small. In most cases, you will not have much difficulty finding the bar to fit your space requirements and your entertaining needs.
Another thing to consider is the accessories. These are very important to giving your bar that distinctive tiki feel. Since tiki bars are much more distinctive than most traditional bars, attention to detail in this respect is vital to giving your bar the correct feel and ambiance. As with finding the right materials to construct your tiki bar, the accessories can also be found online. Everything from tiki motif dry eraser drink boards to parrot shaped bottle holders to laser engraved liter bottles and everything else in between are all readily available.
A home tiki bar is easy to construct and even easier to purchase. There very little preparation that one must do for the installation; the exception being the measuring of the space in which you wish your tiki bar to be placed and preparing the proper electrical outlets so it will have power, your personal tiki bar will be a breeze to get up and running. Of course, you might want to purchase some liquid refreshments and bone up on you bar tending skills, however, outside of that you will be ready to have friends and family pull up a stool and join you at your own tiki bar.
Click here for a fabulous guide on building your very own home tiki bar
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How to Make a Tiki Bar. Things to think about.

Here is a great article on some things to consider when constructing a tiki bar.

How to Make a Tiki Bar Author: James Coetzee

If you are in desperate need of an island style vacation, but you just do not have the time of money for such an expensive trip, why not bring the island to your backyard?

Adding a Tiki bar to your backyard is much less expensive that a vacation and you will continue to benefit form it years later!

If you are interested in building your own Tiki bar, keep on reading.

Before you start building you need to put your ideas down on paper. Planning your Tiki bar is essential and will ensure a perfect end product. Consider the purpose of your Tiki bar, is it only for a once-off party or is it going to be your permanent bar? Budget is also very important, the bigger the bar the bigger the budget needs to be. If you do not have a very big budget you can always cut costs by using reclaimed wood.

We suggest that you purchase a Tiki Bar Guide that has been written by a professional builder. Ideally the book should include diagrams or photographs which are easy to follow and top prize will be if you have access to the author should you have and queries during the making of your Tiki Bar.

Besides a proper guide or plan for your Tiki Bar it is recommended that you ensure that you either have, or have access to, all the proper equipment that one would need for a building venture of this nature. There are few things in life more frustrating than not having the proper tools to do a job. Make sure that all your tools are in good working order and are electrically sound.

Make sure you have all your building material beforehand. Supplies are readily available from pool stores, nurseries, hardware stores and building yards. The basic height for a bar is 42 inches. According to the height of your bar and the space available, you can start building the frame of your Tiki bar with 2x4's. You need to bear in mind that you want to be able to prepare drinks on the one side of the bar counter and have bar stools on the other side for your guests to sit on.

Once you have your Tiki bar frame in place you can start filling the gaps. Attach the bar counter and put the palm leaves or thatch on the roof. Buying quality, pre-treated palm leave can last you up to 7 to 10 years before you need to do any maintenance work on it. The roof of a Tiki bar is specially designed to withstand heavy rain.

You can finish of your Tiki bar by covering the outside with Bamboo Fence to give it a real authentic look. If you want to make your Tiki bar more classy you can add a bar sink, shelving and glass racks, and even a bar fridge for keeping your supplies cold.

Add some nice bar stools for your guests, and decorate your Tiki bar with some shells, tropical flowers and a Tiki statue of two.

Now you just need to stock the bar and invite your friends over for some Tiki bar fun!
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Build Your Own Tiki Bar, How To.

How to Build Your Own Tiki Bar Author: Jerry Swanson

Do you dream of lazy days, sitting at a Tiki Bar sipping a Mai Tai, but just can't get away from your job? Are you ready to bring a little bit of the resort lifestyle to your backyard and build your very own Tiki Bar? Building a Tiki Bar can be a great way to turn a boring backyard into a unique and fun fixture that you and your friends can enjoy. Even if you don't have a backyard, you can easily build your own Tiki Bar in your basement with ease.

The first step in designing your very own home bar is to decide how much money that you want to spend. The larger the bar, the higher the budget will need to be. Once you have set a realistic budget for your project you can now start planning and looking for materials. To build an authentic tiki-style bar, you will want to look for materials that may not be readily available in your area. Materials such as Bamboo and Palm leaves are used in building an authentic Tiki Bar and some of these materials may need to be shipped to your area. This could be costly so this needs to be worked into your budget. If your budget does not allow, you can use other types of wood.

Thankfully, building a Tiki Bar that looks authentic need not involve brand new building materials. You can frame a the bar using old or reclaimed wood, such as 2x4's and 2x6's. The slightly weathered look will add to the character of the Tiki Bar. As for stools, a counter-top and used lumber, visit a local store which specializes in used building supplies or even antique stores. If you are planning on adding a sink and water to your Tiki Bar, you will want to purchase these items beforehand and make sure that you know how to install them. This may require a licensed plumber to ensure that the water is working properly. Staying on budget while building your Tiki Bar may require some imagination and improvisation.

Once you have all the elements at the job site, you can begin building. Start by framing the Tiki Bar to your desired size. Remember that you want to be able to prepare the drinks on one side, and have stools on the other side. A good height for the bar is 42 inches tall, which is a fairly standard height. You can actually frame it with regular lumber and then just use bamboo on top to make it look as though it was built with Bamboo. If Bamboo is just too expensive or not available, using Cedar is also very common in Tiki Bars. Once the frame is done, then you put the palm leaves on the roof and you're nearly done.

Depending on how sophisticated you want your Tiki Bar to be, this is when you would build in things like plumbing, shelving and maybe even a small bar fridge for your supplies. The best thing about building any home bar is that you get to decide what it looks like. While there are general ideas of what it should look like, you are free to be creative in making it your own.

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